IHM Follower…

Got the link of Indian HomeMaker Blog from google while searching for people’s views on gender inequality…And now i m hooked!!! Not because the views that are shared is what I believe in, but because it gives  me courage to have confidence in myself when everyone around me feels I am wrong.

Reading about Tejaswee, seeing her beautiful pics and imagining the pain of the family..sometimes life feels so unfair…especially for the people left behind and the grief and pain they have to go thru..

Are we afraid of death more or of being left behind alone???

How do we cope with so much grief ?? Does the life ever becomes same as before…

No..I dont think it does ever…Lives are changed irreversibly…dreams are broken forever….

We are so buzy planning for future, making plans when we dont even know if we will be there next week..or next day….

Life’s beautiful but for how much time??? 


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