Happiness for today’s Women….

At last..feels like a place, a world, a space where i can be myself…No pretences,  no pleasing others, no formalities…Nothing at all..Total freedom and total oblivion…Finally a place I can call my own !!!

I wonder if this is how a 28 year old, educated, independent woman feels in our society..Is every other woman i see,  pass on road, shopping in mall, buying groceries in supermarket, working in my office feels the same..Going through the same..I listen to what all my friends have to say about their lives, listen to my parents, my sister, read on internet…and all i hear is pain..tears….unhappiness…Is their someone who is truly happy in today’s life…Is there a common factor to all the sufferings of my friends..All are highly educated, successful in their own fields, smart, intelligent young women…All of them got married with high hopes and thousands of dreams of a new happy life..some marrying their boyfriends and others finding love in their parents choice..And today, all share the same story…unhappy lives, non-understanding husbands, over bearing InLaws and relatives..all running away from the family pressure, the expectations surrounding them…is there a place somewhere to hide????

What does it takes to be happy..Is there a mantra for happiness…some trick…some remedy…Or is every women bound to share this fate…Why does a girl has to fight for every thing in their lives..Is ignoring the way or bowing to pressure and accepting the fate as it is..No…I cant live a life that is so oppressed..where there is no freedom..no space…..

How many of “us” are out there, at this moment shedding tears.. of misery and unhappiness..of dreams broken and souls shattered………


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